Common Features Travellers Love in Their Atlanta Vacation Homes

Common Features Travellers Love in Their Atlanta Vacation Homes

There will be over 56 million bookings for vacation homes in 2023, which proves that travelers love staying in their own private residences.

Understanding what visitors want is essential for helping your listing stand out and keeping your vacation property fully booked. But with changing trends and generations wanting different things, it can feel impossible to know where to pour your efforts.

Luckily, we've compiled a list of must-haves for all Atlanta vacation homes. Read on to find out more.

Great Location

When buying a vacation home, prioritize finding one in a desirable location. For instance, invest in a property in the bustling Downtown area or the historic neighborhood of Old Fourth Ward.

Once you've found a popular spot, figure out whether the property would be appealing to a wide range of guests. Ideally, you'd want a spacious rental home with ample natural light and beautiful views of the city.

24 Hour Check-In

Travelers love the freedom of a 24-hour check-in. Luckily, owners needn't worry about being available at the rental home because a property management service will do it for you. These professionals will hand over the keys and be available if there are any issues during the guests' stay.

Fast and Convenient Wi-Fi

Another must-have feature is fast and convenient Wi-Fi. Unless your vacation property is advertised as "off-grid", travelers will expect access to the internet. In fact, if you don't, guests may either leave a bad review or choose another property instead.

A Welcome Pack

Guests want to feel welcomed by property owners, even if they're not personally there. Go the extra mile by leaving a welcome note and a local map, so travelers feel at ease. You should also provide a list of essential contacts, such as taxi services, and recommendations of must-visit spots in the area.

Hot Drinks and Cooking Essentials

Don't worry, guests won't expect a fully stocked fridge, but basic necessities go a long way. At the very least, provide tea, coffee, and condiments in the kitchen. It's also wise to provide enough crockery and cutlery to accommodate everyone.

Outdoor Area

One of the top vacation home features is an outdoor space. It needn't be a large area, but somewhere where guests can dine or unwind in the evening. You could even invest in a hot tub or a private pool, so you can advertise your Atlanta vacation property as luxury accommodation.

Top Features of Atlanta Vacation Homes

Now that you know what travelers want from vacation homes, it's time to find a suitable one for your portfolio, if you haven't already.

There are many great features to include, such as finding a rental property in an ideal location and letting guests check in whenever they arrive. Your vacation home can also stand out by offering Wi-Fi and boasting an outdoor area where guests can relax with their loved ones.

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