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Application Instructions

We’re excited that you have found house that you would like to make your home.  It’s time to Apply.  Let’s review the criteria, terms, and conditions so that you are prepared for next steps.  If you have questions, please contact us at (678) 257-7775.  


- Applicants must view the property before applying.   
- Our tenant screening team will contact you with questions and approval, if approved.


- Go to 
- Search for the property that you are interested in.
- Click 'Apply Now'
- Read and acknowledge the instructions page.
- Complete the Online Application Form
- Pay the Application Fee: $50/adult and a $5 service fee.  All occupants 18 years of age and older must apply.  
- Check your email for a Docusign Document for you to sign your application & upload your documents.
- You MUST upload your last 2 Paycheck stubs and Driver’s License in the Docusign document.


Income: Household income must be at least 2.5X the monthly rent.  Income documentation is required at the time of application.  Acceptable Documents include: Last 2 consecutive pay check stubs, Last 2 months of bank statements, Offer Letter from employer.  

Credit Check:  A credit check will be performed using a rental scoring model to determine eligibility.  Medical bills are not the results of the screening model are Approved, Approved with Conditions (Requires an additional security deposit), Denied.  

Criminal Background Check: A criminal background check will be conducted for all individuals 18 years of age and older.  The application will be denied for any felony conviction up to six (6) years prior to the application date (subject to local laws/requirements). The application will be denied for any felony conviction for any sex and/or terrorism related offense(s) regardless of conviction date. 

Rental History: Rental verification may be required pending scoring results.  Applications with eviction filings within the last 24 months will be denied.  Applications with outstanding debt will be automatically denied.  


Application Fee: $50/adult & $5 service fee 
Holding Fee: $500 The holding fee allows us to reserve the property specifically for you. The holding fee will be applied towards your first month’s rent. It is due 24 hours after you receive approval. The holding fee protects us from a change of plan in which you decide you no longer want the property but it has been removed from the market, the holding fee will be Non-Refundable only in that case.
Lease Admin Fee: $150 Covers the move-in inspection (Non-refundable)
Security Deposit: 1-2 MONTH'S RENT (Based on Credit)
Application Decision: 2 business days
Guarantors: Must make at least 4x rent.
Lease Length: 12 months 
Occupancy:  2 persons per bedroom plus 1
Renters Insurance:  Required. Must have $100,000 of liability coverage and personal property coverage.  Owner must be listed as “Additional insured.  
Move In Date:  You are required to move within 15 days of approval of application.  


- Pets Allowed – Unless Notated
- No pets over 30lbs – Unless Approved
- Breed Restrictions: American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Staffordshire Terriers, and any dog that has a percentage or mix of any of those breeds. Any canines other than domestic dogs (wolves, coyotes, dingoes, jackals, etc.) and any hybrids of them are not permitted. 


- Residents are NOT responsible for HOA fees.
- HOA Amenities Key/Access – Responsible for cost of keys